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Series of 7C trailers manufactured by Yucheng Yili Machinery Co., Ltd. meet the national standard. It is mainly used for transportation of farming materials and crops in the field. It consists of two series, automatic unloading and non-automatic unloading and automatic unloading consists of side unloading and back unloading. The quality is reliable and loading capacity is big. It is easy to be operated and maintained.

The form of turning: turntable.
The form of damping: leaf spring
The form of traction: tripod stand traction(cushiony spring)
Tail light postpositionally
Left and right fence
Auto-circuitry of the whole trailer
The mode of air path connection: circuitry connected with spiral tube swift connector
The mode of circuitry path ;Connected with 7 core spiral cable swift connector
Surface treatment: Remove rust with large shot blast machine, remove oxidation surface , modify jointing stress , anti-rust paint, surface paint .
The process of jointing: carbon dioxide jointing press , jig jointing.
Absolutely exchangeable.  

Farm Trailer

Farm TrailerFarm Trailer

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