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A display of repression


The presser comprises a trailer, a main shaft and a main part of the presser. The main shaft is pierced with a repressor; The presser comprises a unit presser, a edge presser and a quill shaft; The quill shaft is mounted on the main shaft, and the quill shaft is fixed with a cone-shaped edge pressor at both ends, and more than one diamond element pressor is fixed on the quill shaft between the opposite edge pressors. The trapezoidal annular space is between the unit repression and between the unit repression and the edge repression. The utility model is characterized by simple structure, reasonable design and convenient use. It can receive good effects of strengthening, compacting, preserving moisture and seedlings in ridgability, especially can make the sealed pesticide absorbed completely.

A display of repressionA display of repressionA display of repression

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