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No market for farm machinery? Look at wuhan agricultural machinery exhibition engine infighting


Just from the China international agricultural machinery exhibition (2018) (hereinafter referred to as "wuhan farm machinery exhibition), the body's temperature is sharply reduced, but the heat of the heart is how much there is in wuhan farm machinery exhibition, the leaders expert attendees and so on, many aspects elaborated from aspects of the industry product technology, the main tone should is the present domestic agricultural machinery industry is the quality of our products is industry development prospects are grim and the like have sad happy, however, in the industry segment or promising small make up as a professional, combined with their own understanding and the understanding, only the last two years has always been a concern with the way the four engine this hot word has experienced three countries 2 to upgrade all sorts of last year, has been chaos seems to just die down in engine industry, country in a new round of upgrading and intensive preparatory to the already shrinking brush presence of wuhan farm machinery exhibition, the road of four engine must become each enterprise show star products

Ecological environment issued on August 21, pollution control technology policy of road mobile machinery (hereinafter referred to as the technology policy), puts forward the specific non road mobile machinery pollution emission standard schedule according to the requirements of technical policies, agricultural machinery as an important part of road mobile machinery, in 2020 to the fourth stage is to meet the emission control level, in 2025, integrating with the world's most advanced emission control level

As a result, we can see 16 ~ 426kW in wuhan agricultural machinery exhibition, from the expected assembly of small rice machine to large silage machine can be matched with the full power segment of "guosi" products.

As supporting enterprise, at present the market downturn of the situation of survival, with car machine background mostly, even from the complete technical route of electric control system of mechanical pump to change is not a problem But you really think the parts should be a completely new post-processing, no matter adopt what kind of technical route, tough emissions standards is the final examination For many already have the six countries five technical level of the enterprise, how to own a complete set of diesel engine with current mainstream companies of various types of host match, no doubt, is the primary task of all engine enterprise annual planning

In the process of change, those who can stay behind are bound to be excellent enterprises with hard power and innovative technology. I hope next year to see the participation of the engine enterprises live better, and did not participate in the exhibition and has been working hard for the "four" engine enterprises, can also appear in the exhibition.

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